The Scale of Industrial Fishing

Recent studies have revealed that half the world’s oceans are now fished industrially.

US-based charity, the Global Fishing Watch, has gathered data from over 70,000 vessels, and the results are astounding. They indicate that commercial fishing now covers a greater surface than agriculture.

The scale of industrial fishing highlighted by this research raises concerns about the sustainability of trawler fishing and, ultimately, the health of our oceans.

It is now more important than ever to ensure all sustainable catches are processed into the cold chain as quickly as possible to preserve quality and reduce the amount of waste from poor cold storage.

The fate of our oceans is in our hands, and we cannot continue over-fishing at this rate.

Over 22bn pieces of information were collated from systems installed on vessels large and small, creating an over picture of how our oceans are fished. The map below where fishing activity is most intense.

You can view an interctive map here.

Global Fishing Watch

This information could provide the key to finding alternate methods of fishing that offer increased sustainability.

The map also indicates areas that are not fished, the black areas. In most cases, this is far from land in areas of extreme cold and intense storms. Some areas are barren and offer too few fish and crustaceans to warrant fishing. Whether this is from over-fishing in those areas, it’s unclear.

The study was led by David Kroodsma, of the Global Fishing Watch. The Global Fishing Watch is a charity part-funded by Google and supported by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

What’s alarming is that 85% of commercial fishing is conducted in just five countries when measured by hours at sea. China accounts for the most significant proportion, followed by Spain, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Interestingly, the Cold Storage Industry has seen colossal growth in most of these areas. This could directly correlate to the amount of fishing that is being conducted.

Commercial Fishing

The Fate of Fish

Fish is a highly prized commodity, and each year the average person consumes 20kg of it. This figure is much higher in developing countries and coastal locations where for some fish is the main staple of their diet.

Fish offers fantastic health benefits and is a fantastic source of protein. It is one of the cornerstones of most people’s diets. However, overfishing threatens the future of Friday Fish nights for many.

The controversial practice of large-scale fish farming has seen growth in recent years as a direct result of the impact and potential concerns for the health of our oceans. However, this is not the solution.

Governance needs to seek international co-operation from Fisheries Worldwide to find new, more sustainable methods of fishing our oceans.

Freeze Fish to -65ºC

Effective Cold Storage to Reduce Waste

In light of the recent studies, ensuring what we do catch is preserved effectively to reduce waste and diminished quality is essential.

CRS Mobile Cold Storage offers a complete range of freezers suitable for the fast, effective freezing of large quantities of fresh fish. Our blast freezing technology ensures that the catch is frozen quickly, locking in freshness and increasing shelf-life.

Our range of Cold Stores and Blast Freezers are fully weather-proof, so they can be situated outside, open to the elements without worrying about damage to the units or, more importantly, your produce.

Our units offer concise temperature control where required and can be installed with the latest monitoring technology to track temperatures and ensure a consistent temperature range within the container. Should fluctuation occur, our early warning alarm systems will notify you if your product is at risk.

Our range of Cold Stores, Refrigerated Containers and Blast Freezers are all suitable for use within the commercial fishing industry. CRS offers peace of mind with delivery, commissioning, and on-site training. Most units can be loaded and unloaded by crane, making them highly flexible and able to meet the demands of the fast-paced fishing industry.

I would like to thank both you, CRS and the two fitters who came to site to install our units. John & Greg are both very knowledgeable and pleasant individuals and are a credit to your company. I would not hesitate to use CRS and these two guys again in the future.

David Ellis, AM Seafoods

Get in touch for more information about how CRS can help you preserve your catch quicker and more effectively, helping to reduce waste levels drastically. Call CRS today and speak with one of our Cold Storage Experts who can help advise on the best solution for your needs.

Sunday 13th March 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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