Industrial Refrigeration

Top 5 Stored Products

Industrial refrigeration can be vital to ensuring businesses run efficiently. Many industries rely on Industrial Refrigeration for storing produce.

Ensuring that you have the correct size, type and style of industrial fridges can make a huge difference to your company’s efficiency. For many, industrial refrigeration is necessary for day-to-day use. For example, Industries within the retail, dairy, catering and meat sector may be required to use refrigeration to store products.

This article looks at the Top 5 products that are commonly stored using Industrial Refrigeration solutions.

Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial Fridges for Meat

If you work in the meat industry, you may be required to freeze or chill products. Keeping products stored safely is essential to prevent bacteria growth, maintain quality and keep products safe and fresh to eat.

There are a variety of industrial fridge solutions available that ensure the safe and secure storage of produce. Most meats should not be refrigerated more than 1-2 days, larger cuts up to 4 days. It is important to trust your judgement if ever in doubt.

Chilled meat and poultry should be stored at a temperature no higher than 4°C to inhibit the growth of dangerous pathogenic bacteria.

The length of time that meat is recommended to be frozen for varies. For example, beef and lamb can be kept frozen for up to 12 months. Whereas, products such as beef mince and sausage should only be stored for a maximum of 6 months.

Safe storage within an industrial fridge or freezer is vital to ensure products reach consumers at a superior level for tasting. Thus having the correct cold storage can make all the difference.


Dairy Cold Storage

Diary Industrial Fridge

The ability to store dairy goods in bulk is a vital step to ensuring the products reach retailers and consumers at a high quality.

A consistent temperature throughout the cold store and the ability to adjust that temperature are both key features beneficial to keeping dairy at the optimum level. Ensuring dairy goods a correctly chilled and stored helps protect products from harmful bacteria that may affect its quality. It also allows for the correct preservation of your product.

For milk producers, to prevent contamination from fresh milk, it must be stored immediately at a temperature of 8ºC within an industrial fridge. The fast-paced industry can benefit from stainless steel and aluminium interior. These conditions are perfect for maintaining cleanliness within your cold storage facility for any spillages or breakages that may occur.

Fruit & Vegetable Cold Stores

Fruit and vegetable

Fruit and Vegetable storage is required all year round. For those who work within the produce industry, ensuring that products are kept fresh for consumption is important.

Some companies may also import and export fruit and vegetable, thus having large storage facilities available is essential for sales. Due to the change in seasonal veg and fruit, non-seasonable fruit and veg are required to be kept fresh to sell to retailers in peak condition.

Catering Cold Stores


Refrigerated Containers, Blast Freezers and Mega Cold Stores are all essential pieces of equipment to ensure that Industrial Refrigeration within the catering industry is highly efficient, safe and ultimately cost-effective.

Due to the vast quantity of products that are required to be chilled, frozen and stored quickly and safely. Having an industrial fridge on-site helps ensure that products can easily be accessed.

Within the catering and restaurant industry, abiding by strict regulations is vital. Therefore there are recommended guidelines for chilling and freezing.

Cold Storage for Retail Outlets


Refrigerated Containers are designed to keep your products found within the fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, dairy and bakery sections of your business as fresh as they can be.

As a retailer, due to the wide-ranging sizes of your products, industrial refrigerators allow for different storage options and allow you a choice in the way in which you manage your products.

Additionally, industrial refrigerators allow products to be stored at 35°C to -35°C. The ability to store products at a range of temperatures allows businesses within the retail sector to be able to store a broader range of goods.

Additionally, walk-in cold stores, all of which are food grade products, are ideal for the storage of massive quantities of goods. The cost-efficient benefits can be an ideal solution for many retailers.

CRS Cold Storage provides cold storage for a wide variety of critical sectors. We sell and lease refrigeration and blast freezing solutions to the retail, catering and food service industries.

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Thursday 26th July 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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