The Benefits of Cold Storage Lease to Buy

Could a lease to buy contract solve your cold storage needs? Discover the benefits of lease to buy for your business.

What is lease to buy?

Lease to buy is a contracted agreement between the lessee (that’s you) and the lessor (that’s us). Put simply, with lease to buy you pay a company for the use of an asset indefinitely, with the opportunity to purchase should you wish to do so in the future.

This type of contract is a popular option across many business sectors from IT to food and drink. Below, we look at the benefits that cold storage lease to buy could hold for your organisation.

Try before you buy

With a lease to buy agreement, you can essential try a cold storage unit before you buy it. Much like hiring, you’ll pay set monthly instalments in exchange for the use of a product. However, if you then decide you need the storage on a more permanent basis, you have the option to buy it outright.

Alternatively, if you decide it’s not for you or you want to try something different, then there’s no commitment to buy.

Stay up to date with the latest equipment

Stay up to date with the latest equipment

With a lease to buy contract, you can easily stay on top of the latest and best commercial refrigeration available. As there’s no commitment to buy, if a different product becomes available that’s more suited to your business, you can easily upgrade your current cold storage to another product without the hassle.

No upfront costs

Possibly the biggest benefit of a lease to buy contract is that there are no upfront costs. This can be incredibly beneficial if you’re a small to medium size business looking to upgrade your current cold storage. This is because if you don’t currently have enough spare capital to buy a unit outright, you can still reap the benefits of the latest products with affordable monthly instalments.

No upfront costs means that least to buy is also a fantastic option for those simply looking to test the water, without making a permanent commitment to what is often an expensive piece of equipment.

Better options for your business

Finally, lease to buy offers a whole range of options for your business, ensuring you’re not tied down to one thing. You’ll get all the benefits of hiring, including set monthly payments, whilst still having the freedom to buy the product should you want to make a more permanent commitment in the future.

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Monday 3rd September 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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