Do events need to invest in cold stores after the pandemic?

Covid-19 has revolutionised the world we live in today; consumers are becoming more comfortable using contactless services in the entertainment sector in the last few years.

Many events, big and small, had to be cancelled or postponed, leaving all of us detached from our communities and families. Now that most restrictions have been removed, people can finally get out of their houses and enjoy indoor and outdoor events.

With indoor and outdoor events, especially during summer, being heavily focused on food and drink, it's crucial to meet the demand whilst retaining the products' quality and nutrition.

High-quality storage at an event helps lock in food's quality whilst keeping beverages at the ideal temperature for consumption. Not only does this help in satisfying consumers, but it will also help increase revenue opportunities with significant storage capabilities to meet large numbers of audiences.

Increased demand for events

Many look forward to their freedom to attend festivals, concerts, sports events, weddings and more to make up for the time they lost in the pandemic. This growing demand for events puts pressure on different venues, as they ensure that consumers receive their desired experience.

Successful experiences involve different elements, and the most significant expense is on good quality food and cold beverages as they are the most desired by consumers. Food and beverage service operations involve different stages of the cycle process.

  • Stage 1- Purchasing
  • Stage 2- Receiving
  • Stage 3- Storing
  • Stage 4- Issuing
  • Stage 5- Preparing
  • Stage 6- Presenting
  • Stage 7- Serving
  • Stage 8- Consuming

As the demand for F&B grows massively throughout any event, it is crucial to maintain the correct cycle of service operations to keep your customers satisfied in the long run. The immediate solution is maintaining and monitoring the correct cold storage temperatures so that edible product conditions are easily controlled, which helps decrease stock and revenue waste.

Why are cold storages beneficial to events?

As the recovery of events has increased this year, the guest experience has become of the highest importance. It is crucial to follow each step of the service operations cycle and to do so correctly; the services require correct cold storage. You may be asking yourself, why do I need a cold store?

Different events benefit from high-quality refrigerated containers as they help decrease operating costs, monitor the stock, compile less stock waste, and increase the storage capacity. Cold storage allows any event to provide the highest quality food and beverages, leaving customers satisfied and wanting to return for more.

This way, venues gain more opportunities to sell more of the stock this year and the next. So events require storage with temperature monitoring for the safe and hygienic stock-keeping that can be provided at a consumer's request.

CRS has a dynamic experience within the foodservice industry, offering a range of high-quality temperature-controlled storage ideal for storing food and beverage products safely for different events, whether outdoors or indoors. 

Prepare for the high demand of F&B with high-quality cold stores that will increase your storage capacity to meet consumers' expectations. Contact CRS specialists to discuss how different events can benefit from hiring or leasing a cold storage unit for food and beverages.

Monday 13th June 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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