Lock in the Freshness of your Produce

With frequent heatwaves, and harvesting months approaching, retain the freshness of your produce with fast and effective CRS Cold Storage.

During the hot months, heat and glaring sunshine can impact the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and other produce, spoiling it and resulting in it becoming unfit for selling. It's important to store your products correctly, leading many businesses to invest in effective cold storage, ensuring the products are kept to the highest standard.

Why do Fruit and Veg require low temperatures?

The low temperatures within cold storage units reduce the deterioration of fruit and veg, which ensures that wasted produce are kept to a minimum due to the high temperatures. Refrigeration and blast freezing methods are also often conducted for storing different produce depending on their requirements.

Fruits and vegetables are different from each other as they hold different amounts of nutrients, the

You can often find that different types of fruits and vegetables are at their best during different times of the year due to crop origins and harvesting periods. When handling produce, it is vital to store them in cold storage at their optimum temperatures to secure their freshness.

Are you aware that in air-conditioned supermarket environments, heatwaves can still affect produce lifespan, leaving them aged, fully ripened and with a shorter shelf-life than usual?

Discover the correct temperatures to store your produce here

Why choose CRS Cold Stores?

The CRS Cold Storage range is versatile, coming in a range of sizes and features to best meet our customers' immediate needs. The range reaches temperatures of -40°C to +10°C, which helps to optimise the best climate for storing your produce.

CRS has an effective and professional team to assemble the cold storage, ensuring it is functional and suitable for your produce. Available in various specifications, the cold storage can be stationed outside to extend your storage capabilities and not disturb the indoor space. 

Get in touch with CRS today to discuss how cold storage can significantly improve the efficiency of your storage capabilities whilst retaining the nutrients and freshness of your produce.

Wednesday 7th September 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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