Growing Long-Term Cold Storage

Working in our industry, one of the key things you begin to understand is the value of storage capacity. Whilst we understand that increasing storage can be a daunting investment, we also know that it can bring growth potential and secure your business’ future.

Why is Cold storage important?

There is a lot depending on a company’s storing capacity, having enough stock to cater to your customer’s demands can be challenging regardless of the size of your business. Whilst larger businesses have the luxury of more customers, they need to be able to provide enough stock to deter them from moving elsewhere. Similarly, smaller businesses need to hold enough stock in a smaller environment.

The answer, fortunately, is simple enough, cold storage can increase your storage capacity whilst preserving the longevity of your product offering if perishables such as Fish, Meat and Vegetables are a common staple.

This past year, we have seen a rapid increase in consumer demand and consequently seen a large strain on suppliers and companies to handle enough product to accommodate these consumers.

Growing a Long-Term Cold Storage Solution

Growing a successful and efficient long-term solution may seem daunting but it is not difficult proving you understand the needs of your business and how additional storage can enhance these.

For a small business beginning to invest in cold storage, begin small as you can always scale your storage solutions up. This is one of the key benefits of hiring long-term cold storage, as you progress and see the benefits for your business, you can add more storage and further extend your capabilities.

A real benefit for cold storage is the range of sizing available with variations in temperature control. It means that there are solutions available suiting companies from a range of different industries.

CRS Cold Storage

We offer a range of state-of-the-art cold storage for long-term hire, with the increasing demand for cold storage and many companies not being able to facilitate consumers demands a shortage is becoming quickly apparent.

As a result of foreseeing this shortage, we were able to secure our stock levels and ensure that we would be able to meet this rising demand. We currently have in stock Mega, 40ft, 20ft and 10ft units available but cannot guarantee how long they will last. Each unit can be customised to meet your industry and company-specific needs further.

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Get in contact today to speak to our talented and experienced teams who can recommend the best cold storage to suit your business needs. Readily available for long-term hire, secure your storage operations today to meet your consumer demands.

Friday 20th November 2020

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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