Challenges of Meat and Poultry Supply before the festive season

UK's inflation rate has been increasing rapidly, resulting in high food prices. This has affected many common foods, such as milk, eggs, meat, and poultry.

This is not the only issue the meat and poultry industry has faced before the festive season. Are you aware of the Avian flu? The bird flu that is forcing UK farmers to ban hens and chickens from accessing the outdoors. Such a level of outbreaks so early in the traditional bird flu season has led to millions of bird deaths.

Many smaller retailers and butchers are already struggling to source supply as we enter turkey shortages before Christmas! Hence, supermarkets and suppliers want to freeze as many turkeys as possible so they can defrost them later next month and sell them "fresh" before all the birds are wiped out from the flu.

Not only that, but a forecasted strike by workers at the Food Standards Agency (FSA) can also lead to meat shortages over the festive season. This will not only disrupt Christmas supplies during the peak of the year, but it has the potential to cause a serious animal welfare problem on farms if processors can't take any animals due to the absence of a vet.

Why is your business in need of a high-quality cold store?

All the challenges mentioned above are overwhelming and terrifying to many businesses, especially before the festive season. Typically, the build-up before Christmas would help enhance most businesses' growth; unfortunately, it's becoming more unclear if the meat and poultry industry will be able to make any profits this year.

So, if you are planning to stock up and freeze different meats before the festive season, to do so correctly, you need to invest in high-quality cold stores and quick thawing units to prevent the risks of stock deterioration.

Your goods must reach the correct temperatures to prevent the multiplication of the bacteria that causes food poisoning. If the climate is not appropriate, you will instantly gain waste if the freezing and thawing processes are not performed correctly. Reliable temperature-monitored storages are necessary during supply shortages as this will allow you to meet your customer demands instantly.

Advantages of choosing CRS

Now you may be wondering what solution will best fit your needs. Well, here at CRS, we provide bespoke temperature control solutions in various sizes suitable for the meat and poultry industries. Our Blast Freezers and Quick Thaw Units will allow you to stockpile and maintain the freshness and quality of your products for longer.

So, what are the advantages of CRS?

  • Temperature Monitoring – ensures quality and freshness of your temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Space – high capacity will allow you to freeze/defrost large volumes of stock.
  • Short-term Hire – rent a solution for as long as you require.
  • Bespoke units – tailored to your requirements.

High-quality cold storage will allow you to take control of your production and plan for unpredictable matters this festive season.

Are you preparing for this year's challenges and looking to invest in a solution before Christmas? Fill out the form, and one of the CRS specialists will be in touch to discuss tailored solutions for your business. 

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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