What is a Mega Mobile Cold Store?

Put quite simply a Mega Mobile Cold Store is very big (fridge or freezer). It is the name we gave to our largest, widest portable cold store. refrigerated containers

Our Mega 40 Mobile Cold Store is an impressive 16 feet wide. This means that you can store your temperature controlled product in a 4 pallet wide configuration.

If you want to max out on storage it will hold up to 38 pallets fully loaded. If you want to be able to walk up and down isles between pallets and hand pick your product it will hold 34 pallets and if you need to pallet pick any pallet with a pallet truck you can hold up to 18 pallets.

The Mega Mobile Cold Store has two refrigeration units which work independent of each other.

Our mega mobiles are made by joining two refrigerated containers of the same size together. They are typically delivered and installed (depending on stock levels) within a few days of order.

 pharmaceutical refrigeration

As you can see they can be sited inside if required or even annexed to your existing premises to instantly increase your temperature controlled storage space.

As our units are weather proof they can be sited outside your premises, freeing up internal space for more valuable uses.

Thursday 22nd December 2011

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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