CRS' New NaturaLINE Range

With sustainability a key issue in logistics, The CRS Group have procured a new range of cold storage refrigeration components to mitigate the growing need for sustainable storage solutions which are efficient in the supply chain.

Developed by Carrier, NaturaLINE is the world's first natural refrigerant unit for container refrigeration. It bypasses the need to use synthetic refrigerants to keep cold storage cool and instead incorporates CO2 to deliver an alternative cold storage range that is environmentally sustainable and ecologically friendly.

With many companies now adapting their CSR policies to reflect a sustainable approach to logistics, particularly in national and international strategies, opting for refrigeration with NaturaLINE components can help improve the impact of your supply chain on the environment.

Having a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1, the range is currently the most environmentally sustainable on the market and is readily available to order from CRS on our Megas, Blastfreezers and Grade A and B models.

Capable of reaching -40°C, opting to incorporate a NaturaLINE unit will not only improve your carbon footprint, but it will not require you to adjust your cold chain process.

Key Features:

  • Highly energy-efficient
  • CO2 refrigerant with ultra-low GWP of 1
  • Capable of reaching -40°C
  • Industry-leading airflow and tight temperature control
  • Quiet operation
  • 95% recyclability rate

CRS Cold Storage

Having been working in the cold storage industry for nearly two decades, The CRS Group have become a leading company in our field due to our dynamic ability to adapt our offerings to the needs of our clients.

With many of our clients needing to adapt their business practices to limit their impact on the environment, the NaturaLINE will greatly assist these clients whilst not requiring them to undergo extreme changes to their logistics, cold chain, and supply chain process.

Get in touch today to discuss how the NaturaLINE can help your business go ‘Green’ this year and mitigate the impact you have on the environment.

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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