New Power Blast Freezer range

CRS are pleased to release a new advanced range of products that will transform your business's existing freezing solution.

Introducing the 40ft Power Blast Freezer 25kW, an effective solution for efficient freezing. Blast Freezers can evolve any business, to a wide variety of sectors, by providing shallow temperatures that help ensure optimal quality and taste preservation of your products.    

In the food industry, staying in control of the freezing process is of high importance because of the risks of producing harmful bacteria, which would make the product unsuitable for consumption. 

Failing to store foods in their correct temperatures increases stock waste and other additional overhead costs. Luckily, investing in a high-quality Blast Freezer can reduce those risks and help maintain the freshness and quality of frozen food through monitored rapid freezing of large quantities of goods, allowing you to offer the highest quality product to the end consumer. 

Blast Freezers' benefits include:

  • Storage Capacity - Different sizes to choose from and can be extended with another unit. 

  • Rapid freezing - designed to freeze food, reducing the risk of multiplying bacteria.  

  • Preserve Quality - Secure nutritional benefits and flavours. 

  • Temperature Monitoring - Easy control of the internal climate, allowing long-term storage. 

  • Cost Benefits - Decreases wastage and allows an expansion of product selection. 

Blast Freezers are a profitable solution in the food industry, helping improve the performance of a production by providing the option to freeze small or large quantities of stock and store them for long periods. 

The CRS team offers tailored Blast Freezers that meet the requirements of any business. Blast Freezers include safety features such as visual and audio alarms, emergency lighting and non-slip flooring, which help provide a fast and hygienic process, so there's no need to worry about bacterial contamination.

Transform your business's existing freezing solution with CRS bespoke 40ft Power Blast Freezer (25kW) to ensure that your products are always safe for consumption. Fill in the form today, and one of our specialists will get back to you to discuss the best solution for your business requirements.

Tuesday 21st June 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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