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Storing drugs and other clinical supplies is a routine headache for hospitals and other healthcare providers. As well as careful temperature control, pharmaceutical cold storage often needs extensive monitoring and security in order to meet necessary industry and government standards.

A recent investigation by Sky News about drug storage in UK hospitals reveals how carefully pharmaceuticals have to be stored and the consequences that can happen if standards are not met. This investigation reveals how important good pharmaceutical storage is and that getting the right secure equipment is vital.

In light of this CRS would like to stress that all the pharmagrade refrigeration and temperature monitoring solutions we offer are designed specifically to avoid any such security and temperature control issues when storing medicines and drugs.

All our pharmaceutical cold storage comes with two phone in/phone out alarm systems as well as sight and sound systems, kill switches and lock stops. For those short on space, our mobile cold stores are fully weatherproof so can be placed outside to save on all-important patient space if they need to be.

We also make sure that our pharmagrade refrigeration has full inbuilt redundancy, by including two independent refrigeration units which provide full backup to one another, as well as unique control systems for added durability.

Just to be extra safe, we also include dual electronic temperature recorders so there is total traceability on cold storage for medicines, and for those who need additional environmental monitoring for drugs we have some great deals on easy-to-install remote monitoring systems which can keep an eye on all the critical parameters needed including temperature, humidity, pressure and more.

These systems come with automated alerts in case of variations, easy reporting software (which is web based, so you can log in with any web-connected device and don’t have to bother the IT department to get things set up or installed) and full 24/7 product support from trained CRS staff and engineers, which gives complete peace of mind as well as full auditing and tracing capability.

To learn more about our secure pharmaceutical cold storage and temperature monitoring solutions, have a look around our website or call our expert sales team today on 0800 085 2298.

Friday 27th January 2012

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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