The Benefits of Portable Cold Storage

Portable Cold Storage can be an excellent investment for companies looking to improve efficiency and optimising sales of cold stored goods. Adding a cold room within your premises can extend storage facilities and as a result, allow expansion in stock.

Portable Cold Rooms can be an excellent investment and can easily be tailored to specific needs. Cold Storage can be used to store products such as meat, dairy, pharmaceutical goods and retail products. Due to the adaptability and flexibility of using portable cold rooms, they can be the ideal solution for any industry.

This article looks at just a few of the advantages of investing in mobile cold rooms.

portable cold storage

Spacious for storing large quantities

Large Walk-in Cold Stores are a model for the storage of massive quantities of goods.

Cold rooms allow an enormous amount of space to become available within your warehouses, to let your room become more efficient and space-conscious.

If working within an industry such as retail, where products may need to be pre-stocked for consumers, it is an advantage.  The additional space can be used for storing products, especially when promotional offers may require more stock.


Portable Blast Freezers

Portable Blast Freezers

Portable Blast Freezers are a highly efficient way of chilling goods quickly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Chilling in this manner ensures the safe storage of goods. A portable blast Freezers will allow your business to remain reactive to change and facilitate needs as they arise.

CRS offers a range of Blast Chillers in varying sizes. Blast Freezers offer an ideal solution for the catering industry, where cooling food goods is an essential element of providing food safety. By design, portable blast freezers can be easily transported between locations as demand requires.


Portable Cold Rooms

Adaptable to your company's requirements

Due to cold rooms being flexible to your premises, they can installed externally or internally. Flexibility can be great when trying to create space. Freeing up space will open doors for opportunities to store extra products that you may want to expand into.

Portable Cold rooms can easily be moved to suit your company's specifications.  For example, for catering industries which may require stored food to be accessible at events, portable cold storage can increase effectiveness.  Additionally, portable cold rooms ensure that your food will not spoil when on the move.

The ability to take cold room storage with you highlights a solution that is cost-effective. This can be useful regardless of winter or summer, as portable cold stores can be used to store products inside and outside.


Temperature Control

Temperature Control

A portable cold store further provides the benefits of temperature control.

Temperatures can be adjusted, ranging from -70ºC to more ambient temperature, which is also displayed digitally for ease of use. Temperature control allows storage and monitoring of produce at the required temperature consistently, which will prevent it from deteriorating.

Temperature control ensures that products such as meat, dairy, fish or other perishable products are kept safe. We offer customised solutions that meet the evolving needs of business while maintaining the highest standards of product quality and storage efficiency.

If your company is looking for a more versatile solution other than portable cold stores, blast freezers, mega cold stores, and refrigerated containers may also be a model solution.

CRS Cold Storage provides portable cold storage for a wide variety of critical sectors. We sell and lease refrigeration and blast-freezing solutions to the retail, catering and food service industries.

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Saturday 1st June 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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