Portable Cold Stores delivered to you WHEREVER you are

So why should you choose a portable cold store over a static alternative? One of the key benefits of a portable cold store is, as its name suggests, portable, meaning it can be delivered to you wherever you are.

A great example underlining the benefits of the portability of our cold stores is in a hire we made over a decade ago.

The JFK Aircraft Carrier takes delivery of a portable cold store, upon its visit to Dublin in for the 4th July celebrations in 1996

More than 10,000 people were invited on board the USS John F. Kennedy to celebrate Independence day when the air craft carrier was anchored off Dublin Bay. To cater for these invitees, extra cold storage space was required to store the food and drinks that would be offered on board. The event organisers made contact with CRS Mobile Cold Storage and arranged to take delivery of one our portable cold stores for this purpose.

Paul Tyrrell, Managing Director of CRS Rent A Fridge, recalls delivery of the cold store. ‘Although challenging to deliver these cold stores, we knew we had the capabilities to do this. As our container cold stores are built for use on the high seas we knew our products would operate very well on board the JFK. It was a special time when the JFK came to Ireland and it was an honor for both myself and CRS Mobile Cold Storage’ to be involved’.

The portability of container cold stores affords the customer much greater flexibility:

For example the option of cold store rental is available which is not so feasible with a static alternative. Many companies rent our cold stores for specific periods and then give it back when they have finished with it. This is of particular use to cope with seasonal demands or if a company wins a contract that requires temperature controlled storage for a finite time period.

Another example is if you have a portable cold store either on hire or purchased from CRS Mobile Cold Storage, and you move premises, you can easily take it with you. This is a much more cost effective option than moving and having to build a new cold storage facility.

In a future post I will discuss another great advantage of the portability of our portable cold stores –a company in Perth, Australia could not find a cold storage solution locally and instead had to search further afield, which ultimately lead them to us delivering a portable blast freezer to the other side of the world. More on that another time.

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Monday 4th January 2010

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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