What are the benefits when investing in portable freezers?

Investing in a portable freezer can lead to many benefits for businesses in the food industry as it helps lock in the quality and freshness of different products.

Regardless of the industry, portable freezers can help increase the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your business.

What is a portable freezer?

A portable freezer is simply a device that chills or freezes consumable products. Food industries benefit from these freezers as they can be easily transported while the frozen goods are kept in the correct temperatures.

Different businesses require different sizes depending on the volume of the stock. With that said, CRS portable freezers are customisable with a wide variety of additional features. The cold store units provide the ultimate temperature-controlled solutions for any business in the food industry.

Why invest in a portable freezer?

Failing to store frozen goods at the correct temperatures can make the products unappealing to consumers. This may lead to stock waste and a decrease in revenue, and so to prevent this investing in a high-quality portable freezer can help reduce those risks.

Portable freezers are used within different industries such as hotels, retail, and restaurants to maintain frozen food quality in the comfort of any business.

CRS offers a variety of portable freezers that can be adapted to suit your business's specifications by different ranges of sizes and features.

Benefits of a portable freezer

Size ranges

Many growing businesses in the food industry struggle to preserve frozen goods because of insufficient storage, which can quickly lead to decreases in revenue.

Having more storage capacity results in freezing more foods that are easily accessible to your staff. Correctly stored food maintains its quality and nutrients for satisfied customer consumption.

CRS offers various storage options that your business may require, as it can go from 10ft to 40ft, which is convenient in helping maintain large amounts of frozen stock.

Expand existing storage

Unfortunately, a sudden expansion of a business can impact storage capacity and increase stock waste.

To prevent this from happening, investing in an expansion of the unit can help keep frozen food in the right conditions. Adding another storage unit can be beneficial, especially when there's an upcoming event or promotion that would require more stock.

CRS portable freezers can be helpful when there's a permanent increase in stock or when there's a short-term event, depending on your business requirements.

Easy transportation

Most food businesses require to move frozen goods from one location to another depending on the demand of the field in the industry. For example, wholesalers need to transport frozen goods from their location to their client's location.

Easy transportation can only be achieved with portable freezers and provide your business with more flexibility and efficiency. CRS portable freezers can be easily transported to any preferable location.

Can be located outdoors

A growing business often fails to support the increasing demand for more consumable goods, and these businesses tend to run out of indoor space quickly. There's a need to expand outdoors with less indoor space for the freezers, but unfortunately, not many freezer storages are fully weatherproofed.

CRS ensures that all portable freezers can be located in an outdoor space no matter the weather, and there are no additional measures that need to be taken once the freezer is set up. 

Profit of investing in portable freezers

Portable freezers are extremely helpful in fast-paced industries as they can help speed up the productivity and efficiency of any business.

Storing products in a portable freezer can be a quick solution and provides opportunities for transportation while the frozen food is being stored safely.

CRS portable freezers help increase business prospects by improving mobility to cater for an increased number of consumers. Portable cold stores are customizable with a wide variety of additional features and options such as temperature monitoring, alarm systems, etc.

CRS offers a premium range of cold stores for rent or purchase. To find out more about portable freezers, get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss the best solution for your business requirements. 

Wednesday 15th June 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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