Cold Storage with Procuro temperature monitoring solutions

CRS Mobile Cold Storage have partnered with Procuro™, a Californian based company to offer an exciting new product suite of supply chain / temperature monitoring solutions.

refrigerated containersProcuro™ have developed PIMM™ (personal information management monitor) which has the look and feel of an instant messaging buddy list, but is used for the management of a company’s operational resources.

PIMM™ is a software based logistics system which provides practical and affordable supply chain solutions across a variety of industries including but not limited to food service, retail, distribution, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, building management, IT management, etc.

PIMM™ monitors and manages data that is collected from any/all sources – analog or digital. PIMM™ is capable of monitoring such diverse operational resources as plant equipment, building management controllers, IT devices, HVAC systems, lighting systems, temperature management systems, fleet management, warehouse management and much more.

Clearly PIMM™ has an application in many areas. We are particularly excited about what it can do in the cold storage industy. Do you have a cold store that needs to get PIMM™’ed? For more information visit

Monday 1st February 2010

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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