A Guide to Purchasing a Refrigerated Container

A guide to help you purchase a refrigerated container. Everything you need to know when buying cold storage for your business or organisation.

Choosing the right type of commercial refrigeration is paramount to the success of your business. Whether you’re a caterer or a distributor of produce, quality cold storage is likely to be your biggest asset.

With a growing number of health and safety regulations, as well as an increase in demand from customers for better quality food, there’s never been a better time than now to upgrade and invest in a permanent cold storage unit.

This handy guide will take you through everything you need to know before purchasing a refrigerated container.


Why purchase a refrigerated container?

It’s true that leasing a unit can be a great way to increase storage quickly without having to commit. However, if you’re ready to expand your business permanently, purchasing is often a much better option.

Whilst the one- off cost of a unit can seem expensive, it’s an investment that is guaranteed to save you money in the long run, should your business continue to need cold storage in the coming years.

Purchasing also allows you to take control of your stock, bringing it in-house. This frees you from the burden of using external storage facilities, saving you time and money.

Most importantly, it helps you to run a full and complete business, where you can stay on top of everything from one place.


What type of refrigeration unit should I choose?

The cold storage solution you choose will usually depend on two things. The first being the size of your premises and the second being the volume of stock you handle. Thanks to an ever growing demand for cold storage, there are plenty of options available no matter what the size of your business.

Some of the most popular types of refrigerated container include:

  • Portable refrigerated containers
  • Mini chillers and freezers
  • Mega cold stores
  • Cold rooms
  • Wide span cold storage
  • Bespoke refrigeration units

From pre-made designs to bespoke storage, you’re guaranteed to find a solution that’s perfect for your organisation’s unique needs.


Small premises?

Smaller businesses, such as caterers or restaurants, may find they benefit best from miniature cold storage that’s kitchen friendly and easy to access. However, most CRS Cold Storage units require no planning permission, meaning they can easily be placed outdoors to free up valuable working space inside.

This option is good for small to medium sized businesses that are looking to store their produce long term but is also a fantastic option for larger companies that want to make use of both their indoor and outdoor space.


Looking to expand?

All refrigerated containers have a maximum capacity level and it’s important that these are not exceeded if you want to ensure food is safe from contamination. Overstocking can lead to a decrease in unit function, which can not only lead to harmful bacterial growth but can permanently damage the unit itself.

Before choosing your refrigerated container, take some time to consider whether or not your business is likely to expand over the next few years. Whilst it may not seem cost effective to buy a bigger refrigeration unit than you currently need, you could spare yourself the expense of purchasing another unit a few years down the line should your current storage reach capacity.


Unsure about sizing?

Give one of the CRS team members a call on 0800 085 2298 and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you might have.


What are the options when purchasing a cold storage unit?

Purchasing a refrigerated container can save your business money in the long term and there are a range of payment options to suit your needs and your budget.

Full payment:  A basic one of payment can be made for the entire cost of a unit. This includes any extras you want or need and is usually the most efficient way to purchase cold storage equipment – a great option for all.

Direct debit or standing order: Pay for your new refrigerated unit in segments over an agreed period of time. This option is best for those short of funds but looking to invest and expand their business.

When you choose to purchase with CRS, you’ll be able to take advantage of a 12 months parts only warranty for most of our commercial refrigeration units.

We also offer a 24 hour call out service and regular maintenance checks for purchased cold storage, where one of our skilled team members will be on hand to help maintain your unit.


How can I extend the life of my unit?

There’s no doubt that purchasing commercial refrigeration is a long term investment. The benefits of purchasing can be fantastic if you’re looking for a permanent solution but to make the most of your unit, you’ll want to keep it in good condition all year round.

What can you do to extend the life of your unit?

  • Ensure your cold storage regularly undergoes the required maintenance checks, as well as undertaking your own basic checks for bumps, tears and seal damage.
  • Clean your container regularly, especially in areas where hidden dirt can build up and affect the mechanics of the unit.
  • If possible, place your unit in an area that isn’t exposed to high levels of heat. If your unit must be placed in a kitchen environment, try to choose the coolest part of the room.
  • Avoid filling above capacity, as doing so can overwork the cooling system within the unit causing it overheat and malfunction.

Taking care of your refrigerated container is good for your wallet and even better for the quality of your produce. Follow these steps and a cold storage unit is likely to be the best investment you ever make.


For more information on purchasing your own refrigerated container or for help choosing the right cold storage solution for your business, get in touch today on 0800 085 2298. Alternatively, leave us a message using our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Thursday 9th March 2017

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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