A CRS Exclusive Quick Thaw Unit from Klinge Corp

Our continually developing partnership with Klinge Corporation brings us to a new CRS-exclusive product, expertly designed to optimise your existing refrigeration solution.

CRS is proud to offer the Quick Thaw Unit (QTU) (Model QTU-42) as part of our specialist temperature control solutions. Combining the expertise of our in-house engineering team with the cutting-edge thawing units from Klinge will only result in a top specification, top quality solution for your business’ needs.

Whether you’re processing meat, poultry, fish or other frozen products, the Quick Thaw Unit helps you keep up with demand and streamline production by effectively defrosting small and large quantities of frozen goods.


Speed:Thanks to a brilliant high unit capacity, the controlled thawing container can quickly defrost pallets.

Quick Thawing Units

Intelligent Controller: The entire thawing process is closely monitored and regulated by the intelligent Klinge controller. Multiple data points are processed to regulate the internal container temperature. The precise regulation of temperature sharply reduces drip loss and results in a higher product yield.

In fact, our QTU has been shown to reduce drip loss by up to 50%. Given that almost 70% of fresh lean meat is water, ways to prevent water loss and manage moisture retention have been challenging to develop – until now.

To get scientific, drip is known as proteinaceous exudate which is a protein-rich fluid (constituting mostly water) released from within the myofibrils in muscle tissue. The exudate gradually migrates between cells via active and passive (osmosis) transport until it reaches the exterior (becomes extracellular) and then ‘drips’.

There are countless causes of drip loss in meat that can begin from the pre-slaughter, post-slaughter, and all the way to packaging, freezing and thawing stages. Given this is the case, Klinge focused on the mechanisms underlying drip loss during thawing. Air temperature and speed are two primary factors which effect the rate of drip loss, and thus, the controller optimises both factors at all times to minimise loss. 

The intelligent controller also features Data Logging. This means you can log all the relevant data and either view it in real time or download it and save for later use.

Convenience: The QTU features a delay timer which allows you to set the desired start time of the thawing. Yes, it was designed so that frozen goods can be loaded ahead of time – not as-and-when needed, making it convenient for you and staff.

The thawing container will also maintain your goods at the desired temperature after the thawing process. This means that the removal of goods is also done in a time-convenient manner.


  • Minimal manual operation with accurate and effective defrosting via specialised defrost systems.
  • Internal container temperature monitoring and regulation within 1°C via an intelligent controller
  • Minimises possible damage to the product and reduces drip loss, which is particularly important for meats.
  • A high unit capacity allows the Quick Thaw Unit to quickly defrost pallets.
  • Easily downloadable temperature data which can be utilised for food safety and quality assurance purposes.
  • Reduces costs as the thawing unit encourages the use of frozen foods instead of more costly fresh foods.

To discuss which configuration is the best for you and for more detail about this unit, contact our expert engineering team today. Let’s break the ice.

Thursday 4th April 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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