Quick Thaw Units with Klinge Corp

CRS offers Quick Thaw Units (QTUs) as part of specialist temperature control solutions. Combining the expertise of our in-house engineering team with the cutting-edge thawing units from Klinge has resulted in leading, high-quality solution for businesses in the food industry.

The Quick Thaw Units allow businesses to keep up with the demand and streamline production when defrosting small and large quantities of frozen goods, whether processing meat, poultry, fish, or other frozen products.

Benefits of QTUs

There are many benefits when investing in a high-quality Quick Thaw Unit, as this solution uses temperature control technology and can rapidly change to the appropriate temperatures. This storage is essential for businesses within the food industry as it can quickly help meet the quality and safety requirements. 

Key benefits:

Speed  high-capacity unit allows for quick defrosting. 

Quick Thawing Units

Intelligent Controller – monitors and regulates internal container temperatures during thawing.

It has been challenging to prevent water loss and manage moisture during the freezing and thawing processes, but luckily QTUs reduce drip loss by up to 50%. Given that almost 70% of fresh lean meat is water.

Countless causes of drip loss in meat can begin from the pre-slaughter, post-slaughter, and the packaging, freezing and thawing stages. With all this in mind, Klinge focused on the mechanisms underlying drip loss during thawing. 

The Klinge controller has been optimized for air temperature and speed to help minimize waste. This controller features data logging, allowing real-time access or downloading for later use.

Convenience – allows you to set the time as well as delay it.

The timer was integrated to allow frozen goods to be loaded ahead of time, not just when needed, making it convenient for you and your staff.

After the thawing process, the thawing container will also maintain your goods at the desired temperature, allowing you to remove the stock at a time that is convenient to you. 

Why invest in the CRS Quick Thaw Unit solution?

CRS offers high-quality Quick Thaw Units that can benefit your business’s production due to the minimal manual operation that provides accurate and effective defrosting via specialized defrost systems.

CRS QTU solutions minimize possible product damage and reduce drip loss, as well as costs, by encouraging more frozen foods and resulting in less waste than fresh food.

Are you looking for a secure solution to optimize your refrigeration and provide you with relevant temperature data? CRS provides high-quality temperature control solutions across a diverse range of businesses. Get in touch with one of our experts today!

Wednesday 7th September 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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