What is rapid chilling?

One of the key challenges within the food industry is the effective control of bacterial growth. Rapid chilling is a process that reduces temperatures quickly, avoiding this and other risks from happening when handling perishable products.

This commercial system of chilling food is widely used and has so many benefits for companies that need to store perishable items regularly.

How it works

Rapid chilling or deep-freezing is a technique which reduces the temperature from -30°C to -50°C until the core product reaches -18°C. This process happens quite quickly allowing the water within the products to be finely crystallised.

This technique works differently to the traditional freezing method that we all perform at home, where the temperature is slowly reduced, making the whole process take much longer (up to 24h). This means that the contained water is transformed into large ice crystals, and the edges of these crystals can end up perforating the food cell wall, affecting the natural qualities of the products.

Blast Freezer

Blast freezers

Blast freezers are cold storage units that use this rapid chilling process to freeze large quantities of goods. There are different types of commercial freezers that maintain the correct temperature for products by circulating air within the units. They are especially designed to keep products safely stored to avoid wastage and safety issues.

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The benefits

Using the right equipment to perform rapid chilling is essential for achieving the best results possible. This process has many benefits and can help you offer a better service to your customers:


Rapid chilling allows you to maintain the natural properties of the food for longer. The crystals that are formed when the freezing process happens don’t damage the aroma, freshness or vitamin content of the consumables.

Kill bacteria

Deep freezing minimises the risk of growing bacteria. This process will allow you to comply with the safety requirements of your goods and avoid any issues related to food poisoning or contamination of food.

Reduced costs

Rapid chilling is reliable and helps companies offer good quality products to their customers. Using professional and adapted equipment means that you no longer need to worry about breaking safety rules or putting your customers in any danger. Blast freezers are highly efficient cold storage units that can also help you reduce costs and plan more effectively to satisfy demand.

Our Rapid Chilling Solutions

If you are thinking of renting or purchasing a blast freezer, the solution will vary depending on the size and nature of your business. At CRS, we rent and sell mobile cold storage units - new or used - of different sizes to suit your needs:

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Thursday 19th September 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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