Increase efficiency with refrigerated cross-docking

Cold chain logistics management is faced with constant challenges that affect how stock control is handled. The short shelf-life of some products like food is dependant on a reliable and flexible refrigeration solution to overcome demand efficiently.  

Cross-docking is a process where products from a supplier are distributed directly to a customer or retail chain with reduced storage time. Here, we explore the main benefits of introducing a refrigerated cross-docking solution to your business.

Reduced costs

Less storage space needed

Food and other perishable products need to be transported as quickly as possible to ensure the quality remains intact. It is equally important to carry the goods at the right temperature and in the right conditions to avoid unnecessary wastage and safety issues. Cross-docking eliminates the storage and picking functions of a warehouse, thereby reducing the costs.

Reduced transportation costs

A company choosing to cross-dock will benefit from labour savings as fewer workers will be required to operate the facilities. This system will also reduce transportation costs as routes are optimised, and the mileage wastage is significantly abridged. All this has a significant impact on fuel savings and other vehicle service associated costs.

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Increased efficiency

Quicker turnarounds for your customers

Along with cutting labour, transportation and storage costs, cross-docking affects the level of service a company can provide. A cross-docking plan is flexible and will adapt quickly when unexpected events happen. If a shipment is delayed or demand changes, cross-docking refrigeration will provide you with the flexibility to remodel and adapt your plan to the new challenges ahead.

Increased customer satisfaction

The times are, in general, reduced. By cross-docking, companies minimise or eliminate the time that perishable goods sit in warehouses before reaching the end customer. The regular deliveries keep the client happy and reduce the overstocks that sit in their storage units.

Increase efficiency through your cold-chain with a Cross-Docking solution from CRS.

Implementing cross-docking can help your business save money, increase efficiency and better serve customers. If you’d like to know more about cross-docking or any mobile cold storage solution, contact our expert team today.

Friday 20th September 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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