Understanding commercial refrigeration controls

Evermore strict legislation and increasing demands from customers have made temperature monitoring essential.

Commercial refrigeration controls help you avoid unnecessary product damage, extend equipment life and meet energy efficiency goals.

If keeping your commercial refrigeration unit performing reliably is one of your main concerns, understanding the features of commercial refrigeration controls will be key.

Temperature Monitoring

For many industries, having a reliable temperature control system is essential for the right operation of the business. Commercial refrigeration controls trace the products to ensure that they have been manufactured, stored and transported at the right temperature.

These controls also allow you to monitor temperatures remotely to make sure your commercial freezer is always operating correctly. Monitoring the cold chain effectively will enable you to comply with sector-related legislation in an easy and cost-effective manner.

Temperature Monitoring

Continuous measurement

Commercial refrigeration controls measure the temperature in each environment where products are handled – from manufacturing to being cold stored when inside trucks or during preparation.

Online follow-up

All the data registered by the refrigeration controls are sent to a central server. This information is available to you online anytime you need it. No need to say how convenient this is for effective monitoring and ensuring that your products have always been at the required temperature.


Commercial refrigeration controls will help you identify potential issues before it is too late. You can get notifications via SMS or email when the sensors register a sudden drop or change in temperature, allowing you to react and act accordingly.

These sudden changes may be suggesting issues with the equipment, so getting the advice of a qualified engineer will be helpful to avoid significant problems.

Reports and audits

Having all data logged will make inspections and other reviews easier to conduct. Information on specific batches or transport activity can easily be generated to report it and make the necessary adjustments.

Energy Use

Commercial refrigeration controls not only allow you to keep your goods at the right temperature but to measure your energy consumption 24/7 – including electricity, gas and water.

Assessing your bills and your real-time use of energy can become handy at saving you money and running your refrigeration units more effectively. RMONI is one of our most reputable suppliers that provides remote temperature monitoring solutions.

Get in touch if you would like to speak to one of our cold refrigeration experts to learn more about these benefits.

Thursday 22nd August 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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