Renting additional cold storage units

7 benefits of renting additional cold storage units

Brexit preparations to deal with any possible scenario are increasing the demand for temperature-controlled warehouses. Finding the required space to meet demand and cope with political uncertainty is becoming a challenge in the UK.

However, investing in new spaces or permanent extensions is not the only solution. Renting portable cold store units may be the right way of keeping your products fresh for longer, whatever the Brexit outcome is. These are some of the main benefits of renting refrigerated containers for stockpiling.

Quick delivery and installation

Cold storage units can be supplied to you quickly – normally in a few weeks. This avoids the usual delay with extension plans and helps you deal with the unexpected.

Breakdown Support

When renting refrigerated units, you are covered with specific breakdown support and service. Our engineers at CRS are available 24/7 to support our customers in the unlikely event of a breakdown or any other concerns regarding performance.


Demand can change and renting cold storage units allows you to adapt quickly to these changes. Refrigeration units for stockpiling can easily be added or removed from your facilities to adapt to your business need more efficiently and quickly.

Renting a temperature-controlled storage unit gives you the most accurate overview of your operating costs. The additional maintenance costs for the cold room are included in the rental price.

No upfront costs

If you don’t currently have enough spare capital to buy a unit outright, you can still reap the benefits of the latest products with affordable monthly instalments.

Fresh Solutions

Stockpiling temperature-sensitive goods using rented refrigeration units can give you access to a wide range of products. When renting, you are not tied down to one solution. You are free to move around and choose a different cold storage unit which will help you stay up to date with the latest equipment.


The regular check-ups carried out by the rental company will ensure that all the units are always operating correctly. Cold storage units are highly efficient but must be carefully maintained to provide the best service. When renting, all these inspections will be actively scheduled and monitored by the supplier, giving you even more peace of mind and reassurance on meeting safety standards.

If you are interested in renting a refrigerated container, get in touch, and one of our cold storage experts will help you.

Tuesday 29th October 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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