Signs To Update Your Cold Storage

Due to high consumer demand, organisations facing unprecedented growth will find that the technology, infrastructure, and solutions instrumental in business success have quickly become inadequate.

An insufficient cold storage solution can prevent organisations from reaching their full potential through missed sales and revenue opportunities.

From a commercial and logistical perspective, temperature-sensitive products need to be stored within a high-quality and reliable cold storage to ensure that stock remains fresh and saleable.

Take control of the storage process. Discover why it’s time to upgrade your current solution and seize your full sales potential.

Limited space

As customer demand increases and your business grows, additional stock is required to facilitate re-purchases and sales from new customers. Whilst increasing stock levels facilitates the demand, failing to increase the storage capacity of the storage solution has detrimental impacts on the business. By meeting the unit’s maximum volume capacity, the day-to-day operations can severely disrupt customer service.

Repeatedly reaching the maximum capacity of a solution is not good practice. It often leads to dangerous hazards, potentially leading to injury for those frequently entering the unit.

Exceeding the capacity can lead to products becoming displaced from their usual location. Products may then exceed their lifespan, becoming unviable for consumption and selling, resulting in increased waste and lost revenue.

This disruption impacts your business, but it can also damage your relationship with your customers. Allowing this to happen too frequently can result in customers losing their faith in your business and purchasing from a competitor.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for avoiding this and maximising the efficiency of your storage system. By upgrading your cold storage alongside your growth, you can ensure your logistics process runs seamlessly with enough storage space to meet the growing consumer demand.

Different Temperature Requirements

With a growing business, it’s natural to expand the product offering to reach a broader audience base and continue to achieve soaring growth. However, the temperature requirements will likely vary from product to product to ensure the most appropriate storage.

By segmenting stored products, organisations can avoid cross-contamination and bacteria spreading. For example, retail-centred businesses should not store their fruit and veg within the same container as meat or fish products.

Through upgrading existing solutions to larger units, businesses can customise the design and installation process to ensure it seamlessly enhances the efficiency of the operations and storage process within the business.

Damaged Components

A rise in demand leads to increased use of cold storage solutions for picking and packing, stock rotation and effective storage.

As usual with any growing business, increased traffic to cold storage can result in accidental damage that quickly impacts the internal climate.

Through damaging components, including seals, doors and vents, the cold temperature being pumped into the unit will be compromised by external temperatures increasing the internal climate and products.

Unless meticulously stored at the right temperature, products within the unit can quickly spoil, becoming unsaleable. Resulting in increased waste, the need to dispose of them and acquiring new products to replace these to sell to customers – a highly costly consequence.

Although frequent maintenance can ensure your cold storage can continue to function correctly, it can be an expensive solution. Upgrading your solution can be an efficient way of securing your storage operations without the regular associated costs.

Take control and make your cold storage solution a key asset in your day-to-day business. CRS has a range of cold storage solutions available to ensure your business can achieve your desired growth.

Speak to a cold storage expert today and configure a solution that works for your business.

Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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