Top Storage Products for Stockpiling

With Brexit just around the corner, it’s no secret that businesses have been stockpiling goods to prepare for a worst-case scenario. If Britain leaves the EU without a deal, we have no idea what will happen with trade into and out of Europe.

There have been reports of Ben and Jerry’s and Magnum ice cream being stockpiled, joined by wine and even Viagra pills. Even military bases have confirmed that they are stocking up on food, fuel and ammunition for the army.

What about products that aren’t so easy to stockpile?

Many food and pharmaceutical products can not simply be stored in a warehouse until sold or eventually their long-term expiry date is reached. Fresh food such as fruit, vegetables and meat, as well as medicines, must be stored at precise temperatures to ensure the quality of the produce as well as health and safety compliance.

CRS has a range of products that are perfect for stockpiling temperature-sensitive goods.

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated Containers

From 10ft to 45ft, with ranges from D to A+ and bespoke options available, CRS has an extensive range of refrigerated containers meaning we can easily find the perfect one for your business.

Refrigerated containers keep goods at a desired temperature for easy stock storage in these mobile cold stores. These are high quality refrigerated containers with hire periods from six months and excellent customer service.

Blast Freezers

Blast freezers

Blast Freezers, as they suggest, can freeze large quantities of goods quickly in order to lock in the freshness of a product. All units comply with the legal standards to keep produce safe for consumption. CRS supply industrial and commercial units across a wide range of industries and even offering bespoke solutions based on a customer’s needs.

High capacity industrial blast freezer units are available from 10kW to 100kW in new or used condition with great price plans. Renting of buying blast freezers is a sure way to take control of your overheads with the latest cold storage technology.

Mega Cold Stores

Mega Cold Stores can increase your stock turnaround efficiency with expanded cold storage capacity. These units are perfect if you are looking for large storage units for either the long term or short term, until we have a few more answers about Brexit.

These energy efficient units are available from 20ft to 45ft, installed on site by CRS experts in new or used condition and are for sale or with hire periods from six months. 

With a very quick lead time from CRS the Mega Cold Store can be installed on your premises in a number of weeks. It's time to take advantage of the limited offer CRS have running this summer.

Our 45ft Refirgerated Containers are now available for new hires for the same price as the 40ft versions, providing you with a lot more space for the same price.

45ft Cold Store Offer

Pharmaceutical cold storage solutions

CRS Pharma Solutions

Specifically for pharmaceutical use, CRS Pharma Solutions have spent years working alongside the medical and healthcare industries to provide the optimum storage unit that can be relied upon.

CRS Pharma Solutions are renowned for their excellent service and flexibility in providing temperature-controlled storage units that can be stationed outside, so as to not take up indoor space, but also does require construction or planning permission.

Wide span cold stores

Wide span cold stores

CRS’s wide span range of cold stores offers a top-quality solution at a great price. Holding from 22 to 39 pallets, they can be combined with larger solutions and cater for temperatures from – 40°C to +10°C.

All wide span units are mounted on a steel base frame, fitted with anodised aluminium cappings, PIR insulation in the roof, flame retardant, non-slip flooring, double doors, with a man trapped alarm, temperature alarm fitted and safety lights.

Heated Storage Solutions

Of course, there is always the need to keep products in a higher than room temperature climate too. CRS offer high temperature mobile storage units fitted with dehumidifiers and incubators. They are high-spec, high-quality cold stores that come with a great price plan with the option to higher from six months upwards.


CRS units are available in a range of sizes, in new and used conditions with bespoke options available, for sale or rent and can be delivered directly to your site, hassle free.

With excellent service and maintenance plans and an envied reputation, you would be missing out not to consider CRS for your cold storage solutions. Our team of specialists will be more than happy to help you find the right option for your business.

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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