Tempering Units

Tempering Units are used to bring frozen products back to their optimum temperature. Also known as Defrost or Quick Thaw Units, these cold storage solutions offer an effective means of defrosting whilst preserving the product’s quality.

High-speed fans and multiple data points provide rapid defrosting throughout the container providing real-time data feedback to a controller for the user to manage the defrost cycle.

What is thawing and tempering?

Thawing is taking a frozen product from frozen to a temperature with no residual ice. Also known as defrosting, it is often seen as the reversal of freezing. However, there are some dangers in tempering goods if it is not performed quickly and efficiently. Bacteria that can cause spoilage or food poisoning become dormant during the freezing below -10°C. As thawing commences, the bacteria is active and will begin to multiply.

Tempering is taking produce from frozen to a temperature just below freezing. This process must be highly controlled as fluctuations in temperature during the process can significantly affect the quality of the end product. Goods are tempered in production when other processes are required, such as cutting or slicing.

Quick Thaw Unit

CRS Tempering Solution

Tempering Units are a significant investment if you need to defrost small or large quantities of frozen goods quickly or if products are shipped frozen and need to be completely thawed by the time, they reach the end consumer.

CRS has worked alongside Kling Corporation to provide a complete, state-of-the-art solution for tempering. Our Quick Thaw Unit (QTU) offers controlled tempering, fast and efficient defrosting and real-time data to monitor the environment inside the container.

One key benefit of our QTU is the delayed defrost setting, allowing goods to be stored at a required temperature with a set delay on the defrost cycle. This function eliminates manual intervention to begin thawing the stored goods. Once thawed, the unit can preserve your products at a required temperature until they are required.

Looking for a high-quality solution for tempering or defrosting frozen goods? CRS offers Quick Thaw Units, an effective means of defrosting and preserving product quality. Speak to one of our specialists to discuss how this solution can benefit your business.

Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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