-60ºC Tuna Storage

Tuna is a very valuable commodity and its essential that once caught it is properly stored and frozen to maintain the highest quality.

To ensure a good market value precautions are taken to prevent the deterioration of freshness, texture and taste through long-haul sea transportation.

Here at CRS we look no further than recommending the Thermo King SuperFreezer for such applications. It’s been the leader in the field since 1996 and is an exclusive option when looking for a container that can maintain a -60ºC temperature.

CRS has built up a fantastic partnership with ThermoKing and offer a range of cold storage solutions utilising their top of the range equipment.

How does it work?

Super Freezer uses a Cascade Refrigeration System in order to effectively reach deep frozen temperatures of -60ºC.

The system comprises of two single stage refrigerator systems that are separate. The contain different refrigerants and one cools down the air inside the units whilst the other extracts excess heat to the ambient air outside the container.

This way, temperature settings are reliably maintained throughout the entire journey.

Features include…
• Maintains cargo at -60°C in any ambient condition.
• Advanced MP-3000 Thermo King controller.
• Dual compressor cascade technology.
• Safety vacuum valve.

Commodities benefitting from this:

Tuna is just one of the commodities known to benefit from being transported at -60°C, others include swordfish, sea urchins, food cultures and pharmaceuticals. The Super Freezer boasts a fantastic storage environment to lock in the quality of caught Tuna, preserving it through carriage into the Japanese sushi and sashimi market.

Thermo King SuperFreezer

Colder is Better

Thermo King’s super-low temperature refrigerated container unit is designed to transport and maintain safely and conveniently all cargo which is best sustained at ultra-low temperatures.

Items that benefits from deep-freeze conditions can be stored or transported in a -60ºC environment, ensuring first day product freshness. The SuperFreezer provides a sustainable and safe environment for the cargo offering minimal temperature fluctuation and optimal temperatures from the very beginning of the cold chain.

When used in the commercial fishing industry the Thermo King SuperFreezer extreme-low holding temperatures preserve that just caught freshness. With seafood the Blast Freezing process and -60ºC storage offers superior taste and textures, while eliminating undesired odours.

SuperFreezer container refrigeration delivers unmatched low-temperature performance to maintain and deliver products of the highest quality, extending shelf life for increased profitability.

Environmentally Friendly

The Thermo King SuperFreezer is not only a benefit to its cargo, its impressive deep-freeze storage makes long-haul shipping possible, an option that is more environmentally friendly when compared to the alternative, expensive air freight shipments.

CRS Service Team

Service Network

CRS backs its equipment and customers with a highly trained, UK wide service network. This assures you the support of factory authorised service support and F-Gas registered trained mechanics.

At CRS, we operate a 24-hour emergency call out service to all units that are on hire and under service contracts. We boast a team of skilled service engineers, who can respond quickly & efficiently in the unlikely event of a machine breakdown. The service team is one of the largest in the portable cold storage industry.

Our engineers are factory trained by the machinery manufacturers and we carry a large stock of spare parts and consumables in all our service vans.

Monday 23rd April 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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