Vaccine storage problems affect 22,000 people in the US

It was reported last week by Oregon Live that around 22,000 people across the state of Oregon may have to get vaccinated again because of storage issues at a number of clinics.

The storage issues where namely vaccines were not being stored at the correct temperature. This problem was exacerbated because temperature monitoring equipment was faulty or broken. Storing vaccines outside of correct does not make the vaccines dangerous. However, it may reduce their potency and now thousands or people are looking at needing to get another shot!

Vaccine storage issues can be overcome by following best practice. Temperature monitoring equipment is essential. A number of different types of monitoring can be carried out. For example, by personnel actually checking the temperature at the refrigeration unit. More sophisticated systems exist whereby temperature can be checked through any internet browser like the Euroscan temperature monitoring system, This means temperatures can be checked from a central location making management of the cold chain much more efficient.

Regardless of whether your temperature monitoring equipment is working and being used properly it is absolutely critical vaccines are stored within the correct temperature range. It is essential that you have a contingency plan in place should your refrigeration system fail.

One way to maintain the desired temperature for vaccine storage is to have two independent refrigeration systems. Redundancy on refrigeration systems provides the necessary piece of mind, knowing should one refrigeration system fail, a second refrigeration system can take over to hold temperature.

CRS Mobile Cold Storage have for many years assisted pharmaceutical companies with the storage of high value, temperature sensitive products, such as vaccines and blood products. Their pharmaceutical cold stores come equipped with two independent refrigeration systems and a host of other features for to facilitate their safe storage.

With many countries around the world about to roll-out swine flu vaccinations it is essential that those charged with the responsibility of storing this vaccine do so under the right conditions.

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Wednesday 6th January 2010

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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