VIP Insulation

VIPs (Vacuum Insulated Panels) are specially designed panels that have the thermal insulation of a vacuum in a board form. As the vacuum has no thermal conductivity, these are considered the next generation of insulation products!

With such outstanding innovation in temperature preservation, the CRS team has developed new ultra-insulated products with VIP panels.

CRS VIP Cold Stores

Our new VIP cold stores are now made from cutting-edge composite panels with vacuum insulation. And we are the first company in the portable cold store industry with this insulation in place!

When it comes to savings in energy costs, cold stores with better insulation require fewer cooling units running. VIP insulation panels have assured huge power savings in our cold stores - they can be up to 48% more efficient in maintaining the temperature of the envelope when compared to the equivalent thickness of PIR/polyurethane insulation!

VIP cold stores will provide energy savings in any location, but they are most effective when used at low temperatures and in warm ambient conditions where the temperature difference is greatest across the surfaces of the Vacuum Insulated Panels.

VIPs have a reliable long-term insulating performance that exceeds the performance of other commonly available insulation materials as they depend on the insulation capacity of a vacuum; they can easily meet low U-values (thermal properties) with minimum thickness.

Our VIP plates are available on the following products:

VIP Container Cold Stores (Grade A and B models)

Available on request – made to order 

VIP Pharmagrade Cold Stores (PG7/PG15/PG24 & PG33 models)

Available on request – made to order 

At CRS, we are experts at providing the right cold storage solution for a wide range of industries. If you are looking to invest in our new ultra-insulated products with VIP panels, request a call back now!

Tuesday 11th April 2023

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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