Benefits of a Walk in Freezer

A Walk in Cold Room can be a benefit for many industries. Whether you work in the catering, dairy, meat and fish or retail industry, investing in cold storage can assist in increasing efficiency within your business.

Walk-in Freezers provide fantastic access and ample storage space. They are ideal for large turnover businesses that have a heavy focus on stock rotation and preserving the integrity of their product.

Walk-in Freezers are commonly used to store consumable products for months or even years. Our Walk-in Freezers are specifically designed to boost stock longevity, preserving stock through even temperature control. A key focus is to minimise temperature fluctuations that can occur in other stores; even minimal changes can damage or make stock unsuitable.

Walk-in Freezers offer a vast range of benefits; let’s look at some of these in a little more detail.

Expanding storage capacity

Whether you work within the restaurant and catering industry or the retail industry, having extra storage can always be valuable. For example, during busy periods such as Christmas, where you may be required to increase storage to meet customer demand, having backup storage can be useful.

Walk-in chillers allow industries to store a wide variety of products and open to new opportunities which could positively impact business sales. Not only can extra storage be used to store long-life products, but it can be used to test out new products on a short-term purpose.

Walk-in chillers can provide extra storage to industries either externally or internally. This is an advantage for companies that are restricted on space, as products can be placed externally. Placing chillers at a convenient location to suit the needs of your industry can allow you to expand on other existing spaces within your premises.


Walk in Freezer AccessImproved Access

As cold rooms are required for everyday use within catering, and retail industries, ensuring that there is easy access is important.

The improved access to the walk-in chiller allows companies to benefit from an increase in storage, enhanced productivity and efficiency as products can be easily accessed by members of staff.

Stock rotation

Thinking about ways to minimise cost can be a demanding process; however, walk-in freezers can assist in reducing costs. For example, walk-in freezers can be used to store a large capacity of products all year round whilst also focusing on stock rotation.

Blast freezers also allow industries to ensure they do not have foods past their use-by date, therefore complying with health and safety regulations. This Keeps products at an optimum level and attractive to consumers and can prevent a loss of waste and assist in increasing profit margins.


Walk In Cold Room - Even Temperature Control

Efficiency & Even Temperature Control

Walk-in chillers can be easily adapted to suit the needs and requirements of your industry. Whether you are storing meat, fish or dairy, the temperature can be changed to suit the products that are being stored.  The even temperature control prevents cold air from escaping the storage and therefore offers you peace of mind that products are safely stored.

Meeting health and safety guidelines is vital when working with products such as food. However, even temperature control ensures the temperature is kept stable always. Additionally, if the temperature reaches an unsafe level, your team can be warned.

Deep Freeze Temperature Range

Companies working within the food industry will have temperature restrictions that they need to abide by. Walk-in chillers offer the benefit of a deep freeze temperature range. This allows products to be stored at -18° Celsius or below and be maintained at an optimum condition.

As some products may be more temperature sensitive than others, storage at the correct temperature is crucial. The temperature range of walk-in freezers additionally prevents freezer burn and slows down deterioration of products. Therefore, allowing companies to store products for longer and minimise waste.


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Another excellent benefit of using a commercial cold room is that a range of food can be safely stored whilst minimising the risk of bacteria growth. The deep freeze temperature range offers products to be quickly cooled from 70˚C to 3˚C within 90 minutes.

As a result, industries dealing with the storage of food can safely chill or freeze ingredients to use at a later period.

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Thursday 24th August 2023

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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