Top Organisation Tips for Your Walk in Fridge

Keeping your workspace organised is generally a given. Some may do it, some may not. But when it comes to your walk-in fridge – you’d better be organised! Not only for efficiency but for health reasons as well.

Contaminated food can be a disaster, sometimes game over, for businesses. Lawsuits, bad PR, and unhappy customers are all a risk when the food in your walk-in fridge isn’t organised properly.

Plus, there’s just something about a clean, organised space that makes you feel good. Especially when it’s your work walk-in-cooler. Not sure where to begin? Take a look at our tips for organising your walk-in cooler.

Tips for Organising your Walk-in fridge

The lowest shelves should be 6 inches above the ground.

This ensures that your food isn’t touching dirt and pests that may be on the floor, provides for easier cleaning while keeping food away from mop water, and keeps food away from any spills that may happen.

Keep raw meat on the lowest rack and
prepared food on the top racks.

Having your prepared foods on top and meat on the lowest rack avoids any hazardous or unwanted drippings from leaking through on other prepared foods or produce. Another option is to put meat in the back (coolest part of the walk-in fridge) and prepared foods/produce towards the front (warmer part of the walk-in fridge).

Mind the gap.

Keeping generous space in-between shelving units as well as food on shelves. In addition to the lowest rack being 6 inches off the ground - make sure nothing on the top rack is touching the ceiling. This will make cleaning easier, but more importantly, it allows for good air flow throughout the walk-in cooler and keeps the fridge at the right temperature.

Keep fragile foods away from fans.

Delicate items like produce and prepared items are susceptible to damage when placed near fans. Be sure to keep them away from any ventilation to avoid food waste.

Walk-In Fridge

Stock for first in, first out.

This is the golden rule when it comes to walk-in fridges. Train your staff to stock the newest, freshest items at the back, rotating the closer to date ones to the front, making sure they can be easily accessed before the expiry date. This makes sure you use things up in time, also reducing food waste.  

Date and label.

Make sure everything that goes into your fridge is dated and labelled with the date it was prepared, and an expiry date. This will make stocking easier and again, reduces food waste making sure you use the closest to date items first.

Clean Regularly.

This may not technically be ‘organisation’ but it still needs to be included! Many contamination concerns can be eliminated with a simple routine cleaning. If spills are made, clean them up immediately to avoid contamination and slipping accidents that could take a whole rack down!

Wrapping it Up

Easier to navigate organised walk-in fridges will encourage employees to keep the space tidy. Thanks to our simple organisation tactics, instead of crashing through the place at the peak of your rush you can head straight back to what you need and be in and out in under 30 seconds!

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Tuesday 4th September 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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