Warehouse Cold Storage

Cold Storage within a Warehouse

With an increased demand for on-site cold storage, we have seen an influx of container installations within existing warehousing. Bringing your cold storage inhouse can have numerous benefits. Positioning a cold store within your warehousing could revolutionise your supply chain, reducing transportation requirements and stock handling.

But how do you get a sizeable Cold Storage Unit into a warehouse? We hear you ask! CRS is pleased to be able to extend this service to our clients. So here’s how we do it.


1. Unloading Cold Store

Adding Skates

2. Lifting the Cold Store


3. Adding the skates


4. Careful Manoeuvring


5. Positioning


6. Commissioned

Internal Cold Store Installation


Before specifying a cold storage solution, we carry out a site visit. In this visit, we assess the cold storage requirement and take the necessary measurements of the warehouse access. Once we have all the details from the site survey, we can specify the correct cold storage solution and create a plan on installation. Remedial works to the warehouse may be required to provide power, or ample operating space to the unit, these will be discussed and carried out ahead of the installation date.

CRS works closely with the client to ensure the cold storage solution specified will be the best solution for their business, providing ample resource for their existing demand, while offering growth for future expansion.

Delivery & Unloading

On the date of delivery, CRS will arrive at the site and unload the cold storage unit. The unit is craned into position near the entrance of the warehouse. Once unloaded the cold storage unit is raised onto small heavy-duty skates, these enable us to manoeuvre the cold storage unit into place with the aid of a forklift.

Positioning & Commissioning

As you can see from some of these images, we are comfortable working in tight access locations, and our installation team are highly experienced at moving these large heavy and managed to make it look effortless.

Once into position, the cold storage unit can be fully commissioned, and extra’s like loading ramps can be added to provide access to the temperature-sensitive stock.

Increase efficiency in your warehouse

Providing you have space within your warehouse, then positioning your cold storage unit internally will undoubtedly improve your warehouse logistics, and offer warehouse operatives the best working environment. If you’re looking to increase your stock holding of temperature-sensitive goods, and have warehouse space going to waste. Contact CRS to discuss the potential of bringing you cold storage within your warehouse.

CRS provides a range of premium cold storage solutions from Blast Freezer and Refrigerated Containers, to Quick Thaw Units and Ambient Cold Stores to retain the value of your product, whether chilled or frozen. Speak with our cold storage experts today and arrange a site visit with one of our engineers.

Thursday 21st November 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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