Why use Cold Storage?

Well, the question should really be: why aren’t you using cold storage? The simple scientific fact is, without refrigeration most industries that you try to undertake will not make a profit or be as effective, especially with any that deal with perishable goods. Cold storage is a valuable means of climate control, not just with temperature but also with humidity, fungal and bacterial growth and other such factors, which can dramatically increase the storage life of your products.

Industries that use Cold Storage

food cold storageWhile the immediate thoughts about refrigerated containers and the industries that use them may well be culinary in nature - such as meats, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and baked goods - there are a wide range of other enterprises that utilise cold storage such as refrigerated containers as well.

The textile industry, for example, can inhibit the activity of moths by keeping their cloth and wool in cold storage, while florists utilise refrigerated rooms to keep their flowers fresher for longer. Metalworking uses fridges to reduce air moisture from affecting metal and pharmacists can store temperature-sensitive chemicals safely. Powerful fridges can also be used to make gases condense into their liquid forms, such as nitrogen, which are essential in certain processes.

How does Cold Storage work?

Refrigerated containers work via a process called, funnily enough, refrigeration, whereby the heat in surrounding air is removed either through a chemical or mechanical means. Usually this is achieved through pumping liquid gases through pipes running along the storage areas.

Types of Cold Storage

refrigerated containerCold storage units can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from large walk-in freezers for storing things en-masse, to smaller units that can be slotted comfortable into a single room and deal with more specialised processes. By removing the need for ice to control climate, you can essentially save an entire room that would have to be dedicated to its storage, as well as eliminating the need for frequent deliveries of fresh ice.

Such devices can come from a variety of places, principally China, India and Germany, however nearly all of them function the same way. CRS Cold Storage, also produces a wide range of refrigerated containers. Most operate through conventional electricity supplies, however a few models can also come with back-up power supplies in case of power outages.

freezer storageThere are laws regarding the ownership of refrigerators and their maintenance, such as the Food Hygiene Regulation Act (2008), so make sure you do your homework before purchase. Also ensure that your cold storage is frequently cleaned and well maintained. In so doing, you can guarantee a means of storage that will keep your business running for longer for less.

Tuesday 14th May 2013

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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