Increase efficiency this Christmas

How the QTU can increase efficiency this Christmas

Quick Thaw Units (QTU) enable fast and effective defrosting of small and large quantities of frozen goods. This specialist temperature control solution quickly defrosts pallets of goods, keeping quality properties intact while meeting safety standards.

With the countdown to Christmas now a reality, many businesses are frantically preparing to meet the demands of their clients. QTU can help you accelerate the defrosting process in order to deliver your goods on time.

These are some of the main benefits of using QTU units this Christmas.

No manual operation

The manual operation needed is very minimal. During a busy period like Christmas, the benefits of using a highly-efficient and reliable thawing solution that requires minimum supervision can be key to your business.

QTU's are equipped with a delay timer which enables the user to set the start time of the thawing cycle. This way, frozen goods can be loaded or stored ahead of time and defrosted when needed. Once the products have been properly defrosted, the unit can be set to maintain the desired temperature to ensure the best quality and aid removal.

Quick Thaw Unit

High capacity

QTU stores have a high capacity, meaning that they can effectively defrost entire pallets of goods in one go. If busy periods such as Christmas are a challenge to keep on top of the defrosting cycle, then QTU units can help you cope.

Maintain quality

Christmas adds to the pressure to guarantee maximum quality to your clients. The ability to deal with high volume orders can be compromised if the cold storage and thawing process are not correctly designed and planned.

QTU's are highly efficient stores that function with minimal manual operation and can guarantee maximum quality during and after thawing. The process of bringing products to temperatures below freezing can really impact the quality of the goods and cause safety breakages if the procedure is not properly carried out. Tempering or defrosting units can effectively monitor temperature fluctuations to avoid any possible damage to your products, ensuring that not only quality but also safety standards are constantly maintained.

Thawing is ideal if your whole process could be accelerated by defrosting your products before taking them into production or reaching your end customer. If you are interested in knowing more about our QTU's, get in touch, and our cold storage experts will help you.

Thursday 7th November 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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