CRS Container Cold Store Range

CRS have a product to suit every budget. We offer our Grade D range which is the most basic with no additional features or functions to the Grade A range which is built with the ideal blend of convenience and cost effectiveness at its core. All cold stores from CRS can be customised with options and additional features such as temperature monitoring, ramps, alarm systems, shelving and much more.

Full specification sheets and further details are available on request. Contact our expert temperature controlled storage team on 0800 085 2298 to discuss the best option for you and get a free quote.

CRS Grade A+ Range

  • Rmoni cloud based environment monitoring and alarm solution
  • Koolshield insulated door curtains which are 3 times more energy efficient than PVC strip curtains
  • Climacheck refrigeration analysis to ensure the most energy efficient refrigeration units are fitted
  • Tamlite low temperature fluorescent lighting for 300lux at -40˚C
  • Heavy duty, full width steel ramps for up to 2.5 tonnes with handrails and non-slip base
  • Easy open pallet wide butchers style door including self defrosting seal for long term frozen use
  • Non-slip aluminium flat flooring
  • Brand new container body and refrigeration unit
  • Single phase power options available
  • Includes additional security features
  • Available as 10ft Container20ft ISO Container40ft ISO Container45ft Pallet Wide Container
  • Find out more about the Grade A+ Range


CRS Grade A Range


CRS Grade B Storage


CRS Grade C Storage


CRS Grade D Range

  • Basic used model ISO reefer shipping container
  • Double leaf barn style container doors
  • Raised T-Section flooring
  • Not suitable for use with door loading ramps
  • No lighting or painting
  • 3 phase carrier refrigeration unit
  • Available as 20ft ISO Container40ft ISO Container

This range is primarily suited to bulk storage of palletised goods. It is not made for continuous door opening and closings. There are no lights, paint or alarm systems fitted, the box is an ex shipping line container with no refurbishment carried out. The floor is T-sectioned for good air-flow circulation, the raw range appeals to people in the market who are looking for fundamental temperature controlled storage with an option for chilling or freezing. A 3-phase power supply is required for the raw range.

Full specification sheets and further details are available on request. Contact our expert temperature controlled storage team on 0800 085 2298 to discuss the best option for you and get a free quote.