Commercial Fridge

Commercial Fridge

Improve your cold storage solution with a Commercial Fridge

Keeping things cold is an essential role in many businesses that are consumer facing. From supermarkets to restaurants, butchers to pharmacies the list is endless. For any business owners with a need to store cold goods, there are three main considerations product quality, safety and accessibility.

For businesses in the food & service industry an onsite commercial fridge is essential. When handling large quantities of fresh food, they help to reduce waste and comply with food hygiene legislation. A commercial fridge will enable businesses to store large volumes of food and drink at the optimum temperatures to ensure quality, safety and prolong freshness. A commercial fridge is a key element of a successful and efficient business.

CRS offer a wide range of commercial walk in refrigerators to suit all catering establishments. They offer food-grade storage, improved stock rotation & picking and come in a range of sizes making them suitable for all storage needs.

Our walk-in fridges offer fantastic storage space, but even at their largest, do not compromise on temperature. CRS understand the importance of temperature control when it comes to storing fresh produce, so our refrigerated containers offer an even temperature through-out with a range of temperature control options available for you to tailor the unit to your specific needs.

If you need more guidance on choosing the right commercial fridge for your business, drop us a line and one of our helpful cold storage experts will assess your requirement and recommend the best solution for your business.

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Commercial Blast Freezer

Commercial Freezer

If you’re looking to freeze produce, then take a look at our range of commercial freezers. We offer units from 10 to 45ft, suitable for all types of produce and catering for a wide range of requirements. Our Commercial Blast Freezer offer improve efficiency, superior control and can also help reduce your running costs.

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Service & Maintenance

Making sure your commercial fridge runs as efficiently a year down the line, as it did on the day of installation is of key importance to CRS. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service & maintenance, which can include yearly checks to ensure your refrigerator is offering optimum performance.

Our team of experience engineers are on hand 24/7 to deal with emergency repairs and service. CRS boast the largest network of service engineers in the UK, so you can keep your cool when things go awry.

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