Large Distribution Company

A large distribution company with a focus on fast moving products

Location: Ireland
Product: Blast Freezer with Thermo King MAGNUM PLUS
Industry: eCommerce Distribution

A large distribution company with a key focus on fast moving products approached CRS with the need to quickly and efficiently freeze large quantities of Eutectic Plates.

The company requires a large number of Gel Packs to be frozen regularly in its many distribution centres, based in most major European cities with high population densities. They required a solution that could freeze the plates from ambient temperature to -25ºC within 8 hours, to maintain an efficient cold-chain.

The gel packs were used in insulated courier bags to enable delivery of the cold chain products to the client within 2 hours. The process demands the use of frozen gel packs to ensure products are delivered to the customer in the best condition.

CRS assessed the situation and recommended a Blast Freezer equipped with Thermo King Magnum Plus cooling units for the preconditioning of the Eutectic Plates. The Magnum Plus is ideal for blast freezing, being able to cool to temperatures as low as -40ºC.

Refrigerated Containers equipped with one or more Thermo King Magnum Plus cooling units are able to provide a stable freezing temperature for an extended time. They are one of the most reliable solution for preconditioning Eutectic Plates to a well-defined temperature. The cooling units provide homogeneous temperature distribution in the whole refrigerated container or coldstore without significant differences from bottom to top, or from front to back, as is usually the case in standard freezers.

Freezer Plate Preconditioning


Phase Change Materials such as Eutectic Plates, or Gel Plates as they are also known, are being used by a lot of logistics and distribution companies for foods, retail and pharmaceutical products. They offer huge benefits to products within the cold chain. For those transported in insulated containers, the correct use of Eutectic Plates can help prolong frozen temperatures for up to 24hrs. This is highly dependent on how the container is packed, the operational purpose and the ambient temperature.

For Best Practice advice, read our Eutectic Plates article.

Preconditioning Blast Freezer

Thermo King Magnum Plus

Refrigerated Containers equipped with Thermo King Magnum Plus cooling units offer the best solution for the preconditioning of eutectic plates or gel packs. The Magnum Plus is capable of maintaining -40°C box temperature in a +50°C ambient environment, making them one of the most powerful units on the market.

Our Blast Freezers equipped with Magnum Plus boast a market leading cooling capacity. They feature a fast pull-down and are specifically designed to be able to reach the set-point faster and more accurately with precise temperature control delivering tight specification up to +/- 0.25ºC.

Another benefit of our Thermo King Magnum Plus freezers is the low energy consumption, something that in traditional methods of preconditioning can be very costly. The MP4000 controller on the Magnum Plus units set a new standard in efficiency.

Key Features

  • Fast pull-down
  • Precise temperature control
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Proven technology & simple design

Learn more about the Thermo King Magnum Plus

If you’re looking for fast, efficient preconditioning of phase change materials like eutectic plates or gel packs, then look no further than CRS. Call today and speak with one of our cold storage experts who can advise on the best solution for your requirements.

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