Dry Ice VS Eutectic Plates: which one is a better investment?

Food transportation is an essential operation in which you must ensure food quality standards are met to prevent food contamination. Therefore, choosing the correct methods when transporting goods will help your business credibility.

So, to ensure that products arrive in good condition, many choose to invest in different cooling methods to help advance the process, such as eutectic plates or dry ice.

Below, we compare the two options and explain why eutectic plates are a better investment.

Why should you replace Dry Ice?

Phase Change Materials (PCMs), such as Eutectic Plates, are rapidly replacing Dry Ice systems in various industries due to the many benefits, but firstly let's look at why you should replace Dry Ice.

Yes, Dry Ice can provide correct temperatures during transportation, but when it thaws, it turns into CO2 gas, making it a single-use system. With this, you will have to buy Dry Ice as often as you transport your products which becomes expensive over time. It is also recommended not to use dry ice with temperature-sensitive products that are not sealed so that Dry Ice would not affect the texture or taste of the goods. 

More disadvantages of dry ice below:

  • Evaporates into gas
  • Non-reusable resource
  • Heavy
  • Must be handled by trained individuals
  • Expensive overtime

It is crucial always to handle dry ice with the proper protection, as it is a dangerous substance. There are much safer alternatives that anyone in your business can handle, so let's learn more about Eutectic Plates or in other words Gel Packs.

Why are Eutectic Plates for you?

With perishable goods, you must maintain minimum temperatures throughout the cold chain. Eutectic Plates are a great option to add cooling capacity for temporary cooling operations, from leaving frozen cold storage at a warehouse through transit to retailers and beyond. So, Eutectic Plates conveniently provide extra cooling support during long transports when there’s no access to electricity.

Benefits of Eutectic Plates below:

  • Reusable source
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Light and easy to clean
  • Anyone can use and handle it
  • Maintains low temperatures

Many businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce different costs, which is why Eutectic Plates are a great option! They do not evaporate and are reusable, so you don't need to keep buying them as often as Dry Ice.

Why Blast Freeze your Gel Packs with CRS?

Reliable temperature control is crucial for many industries, so to keep the cold chain moving, you need to invest in an efficient cooling system. Our range of Blast Freezers has been designed to cool large volumes of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) like Eutectic Plates and Gel Packs to make your processes more effective and efficient.

The sealed panels of Eutectic Gels are frozen to ensure adequate insulation through transport. To find out how to effectively freeze the Eutectic Plates with Blast Freezers, here’s an article on the advantages of Blast Freezing Gel Packs.

Looking for a solution to optimize your transport processes? CRS Preconditioning Blast Freezers and Eutectic Plates can be used in various industries to keep your goods cool during transportation. Fill in the form, and one of our specialists will be in touch to discuss the best option for your business!

Monday 26th September 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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