Environmental Testing Chambers

What they are and what they do

Environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature can have a detrimental influence on the quality of pharmaceutical products. Incorrect or poor storage can cause the preparate to lose its efficacy. It's vital that adequate testing is undertaken to ensure the stability of the product. Medicines and API undergo thorough testing over long periods of time to ensure they are safe for use.

Those working within the pharmaceutical industry are aware of the importance of correct storage and effective testing of medicine and drugs to ensure they are safe for use. Testing products at variable temperatures and ensuring that they can be stored safely without any degradation is essential in supplying the consumer with an effective, quality product.

Regular temperature testing and experimenting within chambers allows pharmaceutical companies to monitor and validate whether their products are of a standard to be used in further testing or safe for consumers.

Environmental Testing Chambers

Testing Chambers

A testing chamber allows for the monitoring of chemical, biological, and microbiological tests.

In the chamber, products can be tested to see if factors such as humidity, light and temperature influence products whilst they are being stored.

By testing the factors that lead to changes in the quality of the drug, companies can establish the length of time a product can be stored under certain conditions and the shelf-life of the drug can additionally be established.

Temperature Chambers

Temperature chambers may also be known as Humidity or Environmental chambers. They are used to conduct a variety of tests on medical products that are stored by pharmaceutical companies.

These chambers allow products to be stored in a controlled environment. The chambers allow thorough testing procedures to be undertaken at different fixed temperatures. They also offer the benefit of testing the stability and validity of products when temperatures rise or fall.

Temperature chambers are a necessary investment for large and growing pharmaceutical companies, to ensure the efficacy of their product, assign a shelf-life to produce and guarantee that it is safe for storage.

The technology we employ at CRS allows for close monitoring of temperature and fluctuation. Our high-performance storage chambers artificially replicate conditions that may cause damage to stored pharmaceutical products.

The chambers are used to examine the impact of conditions such as:

  • Weather - rain
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Moisture or relative humidity
  • Exposure to sun

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CRS Ireland recently worked alongside Hewlett Packard to modify storage chambers for product testing. The multi-national IT Company needed an expansion of their current testing areas at their R&D department in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

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Our range of pharmaceutical chambers will allow you to ensure the reliability and quality of your products.

Our pharmaceutical chambers are highly flexible thanks to their modular design. They can be customised to suit specific user requirements and are a cost-effective solution for high volume test applications.

Our existing clients, rest safe in the knowledge that their Pharmaceutical Chamber has been safely tested with CE certification and has been supplied by a highly reputable pharmaceutical organisation.

To learn more about our range of Pharmaceutical Cold Stores and equipment visit www.crspharmasolutions.ie

Wednesday 16th May 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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