Are you prepared for the demand this Christmas?

The festive period is one of the busiest periods for the hospitality and catering industry. Whether you run a catering company, work in a restaurant business, or are part of a large non-profit organisation, the festive rush before Christmas and New year can be demanding. With so many parties and gatherings, it can be difficult to keep up with the rising demand.

This guide gives a few tips on how you can prepare ahead of the festive rush and ensure you have a storage solution.

Plan before the Festive Season 

Prior planning is essential to keep up with the festive demands in the hospitality sector, as this helps to ensure that requirements and specifications for your customers are maintained during the season. So, additional storage will provide a smoother Christmas catering period and extra room for any encountered issues. 

Things to consider before the festive period:

  • Number of staff -  Christmas can be a tight financial period. You may not want to consider extra expenses, but hiring extra staff may help meet customer demands.
  • Storage space - Increasing storage capabilities temporarily over the festive season can help add backup and increase storage to meet demand.
  • Emergency backup plan: Predicting what will happen is impossible, so ensuring a backup plan is in place for the ingredients or space shortages is vital.

Start thinking about staff or storage expansion, as it is never too soon! Ensuring you have properly planned for the festive period will help the busy season go more smoothly.

 Health & Safety

Health & Safety

General Hygiene

Addressing general hygiene in a kitchen includes hand-washing, personal hygiene, de-contamination and taking precautionary measures when dealing with food.

Food Rotation

In the run-up to the festive period, reminding employees about stock rotation will help prevent food waste and the spread of unnecessary bacteria.

Cold Storage and Freezer Sanitation

During busy periods, cross-contamination can be a genuine threat to the catering and hospitality industry. To prevent this, regular cleaning and disinfection of storage are required.

Food Storage Best Practice

Improper storage of ingredients can also lead to cross-contamination. It is important to keep raw and cooked products separate and ensure they are well-sealed.

Meeting the high demand and ensuring you have planned well in advance is the main priority during busy periods; however, ensuring the food is safely stored in cold storage is also crucial.

 Upgrade your Storage Capabilities

Upgrade your Storage Capabilities

As Christmas and the New Year period is full of festivities and parties, it is one of the best times to increase business profitability. Investing in additional cold storage can help increase business opportunities during the festive season. Whether you are looking for temporary storage to meet high festive demands or expanding for catering to customers on Christmas day, cold storage may be the most suitable solution to meet your business needs.

Even though the festive season comes with many challenges, it can enhance your business's growth. Reliable Blast Freezers will maintain your products in the best conditions, which is an ideal investment before the festivities. Speak with one of our CRS cold storage experts today to discuss different options that will help you to increase your storage capacity in time for Christmas.

Thursday 6th October 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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